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Weston Wing Classroom Philosophy

Pre-Kindergarten Program

The prekindergarten class goal is to support each child’s unique interest and learning style, developing their self-confidence as a learner and being a productive member of the classroom community.

At the core of the curriculum is the understanding that cognitive [intellectual] development and future academic success is built on a strong social, emotional and physical foundation. The classroom learning environment is set up in learning centers that guide children into developmentally appropriate experiences and self-initiated discoveries in the creative arts, dramatic play, block building, writing and literacy, science, music and movement, and sensory centers.

The children and teachers work together to develop and plan the curriculum based on mutual interests. Some experiences are child initiated and some are teacher initiated. Through a rich environment with hands-on, process oriented experiences and age appropriate choices, the children engage in observation, experimentation, safe risk taking, problem solving, and group and individual interactions. The environment and activities support literary, numeracy, and science learning. The program also supports nutrition and nature education.

Families are encouraged to participate in the program by reading books, presenting activities of interest and supporting classroom activities.



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