• Transitional Kindergarten

  • New for 2016-2017

     Weston Wing Transitional Kindergarten Class

    Does your child have a fall birthday and miss Kindergarten cut-off dates? Does your child have a summer birthday and would benefit from “The Gift of Time.” Do you want another year of daily interaction with the school community? Our new Transitional Kindergarten can help your child continue his/her development in an environment that supports the individuality of children while achieving milestones. Today’s Kindergarten has more structured academic time based on Common Core standards and less time for individualized, developmental instruction. Readiness for Kindergarten requires children to be socially and emotionally solid, able to be still and process group instruction for long periods of time, to be independent in self-help skills, and capable of functioning in a large group.

    Weston Wing TK can provide your child with a warm, nurturing environment where he/she can experience a multi-sensory, play-based curriculum that will allow time for maturity and a small, personalized approach to readiness skills. Our curriculum addresses core values as well as the areas of language arts, math and numeracy concepts, social studies, science, motor skills, and the arts. All students will have the opportunities to explore, manipulate, postulate, and play as individuals as well as a members of small groups.

    Our TK class meets five days a week, 8:30 to 1:00 with opportunities for early drop-off and extended day.

    For more information contact Marianne Maloney, Director at 781-891-9021.